Friday, April 16, 2010

Crossing the Threshold

Crossing the Threshold
April 18, 2010

3rd Sunday of Easter

Gospel: Jn. 21:1-19

As we meditate on today’s Gospel, the setting for this appearance of the Risen Lord is different from the preceding narratives. The disciples are no longer “locked in” for fear of the Jews (Jn. 20:19,26). they are instead in the open “at the sea of Tiberias,” the place of the daily chore. In fact, by Peter’s initiative, the disciples are back to their job, fishing

The end of futile night of fishing happens as the breakfast ready. Jesus the master himself becomes their servant. He takes the bread and give it to them; and he does same with the fish.

“Take and Give” are allusions of the Eucharistic feast. missions begins and returns to the Eucharist, fount and summit of the Entire Christian life. We eat and give thanks for which we have been given. And this in turn anticipates what still to come.

After the meal we hear the intimate dialogue between Jesus and Simon Peter, the one chosen to lead the community of disciples. The triple of question recalls the triple denial of Peter during Jesus ’ trial before the Sanhedrin. A humbled and transformed Peter is graced to undo the the triple denial with a triple profession of love, this time based only on his master’s knowledge of him: “Yes, Lord YOU KNOW that i love you.”

We know how Peter and the apostles later grew into the height of their love for the Master and carried out his charge, “Feed my lambs, tend my sheep.” The second reading in today’s liturgy gives strong testimony to this.

Completely transformed by the holy spirit given to them by the Risen Christ, Peter and the apostles boldly carry the out the preaching in Jerusalem, resisting all efforts of the punishments and flogging, they “left the presence of the Sanhedrin” rejoicing that they had been found worthy to suffer, dishonor for the sake of the name.”

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