Thursday, December 30, 2010

Mary the Mother of God

Whenever it comes to reflect upon the life of the mother of God i find myself asking why she is so holy? what is it that seems to separate her from the rest of us in such different manner? the seemingly answer is, that she is the mother of God and as such. she was preserved from the effects of the original sin. But i do not think that this is not the real answer. Let me explain,

i think that the root cause of the holiness of Mary, apart from the fact that she is the grace of God at work in her life is her simple and prompt obedience to the will of God. The scripture often speak about the primacy of obedience and Jesus himself affirms this truth when he refers to those who do the will of the father in heaven such as mother, sister, and brother. Or blessed is the one who hears the word of God and keeps it rather than the womb that bore him or the breast the suckled him. Here, the focus is clearly on discipleship all that it means to place one's life in the service of the Gospel and not just do what one wants to do and leave it that.

Discipleship the real key to holiness. It sets Mother Teresa of this world from the rest of us. She was a woman who lived her life with a very clear focus on doing what God wants her to do and doing it straight away. Delaying obedience can often be obedience denied, or so i heard or read someone say once. i think this is very true. there is no point shutting the gate after the horse has already gone. we need to be very clear about all this in our lives and make sure that we respond promptly to all that God asks us to do. We need to remember that no matter how hard something may seem to be at first sight, God gives us the strenght and grace to do it through his holy spirit.

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