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Immaculate Conception: the name she gave herself at Lourdes.

"Immaculate Conception"
The name which Mary gave herself at Lourdes.

"Que Soy era Immaculada Conception"
"I am the Immaculate Conception"

As we celebrate the feast of Our lady of Lourdes on February 11. Let us focus on the words she gave to Saint Bernadette Soubirous at the cave of Massabille, and its explanation.

The Phrase "IMMACULATE CONCEPTION" constitutes one of the most popular Marian Titles. Indeed, it is the name that the blessed mother called her when she appeared to St. Bernadette in 1858 to establish the shrine at Lourdes.

Briefly, this phrase means that Mary was never bound by any guilt of original sin. She was not even for a moment deprived of God's grace and friendship and subjected to the power of the devil.

Despite the fact that the doctrine of the immaculate conception was only formalized by the dogmatic definition of Blessed Pius IX in 1854, this teaching has been part of the Christian message in some form from the very beginning.

A Doctrine of the " Sense of the Faithful"

It was the "sense of the faithful," the religious sensitivity of the people, that recognized the immaculate conception right from the beginning. The strongest manifestation of this important tradition are found in the liturgical cult of the Immaculata, in the teaching of the father of the church, and in the acts of the Popes. The latter favored the cult of the immaculata, explained its meaning and doctrinal content, and prohibited any public teaching against it.

The Christian people from the first knew of the Protoevangelium found in Genesis 3:15, the first announcement of the salvation, sometimes called "Gospel before the gospel" our forebears Adam and Eve, had sinned. God punishes them and cast them out of the garden of Eden.

However, they do not leave without hope because God makes a promise to them that is in fact, the first announcement of the Redemption" there will appear a woman, who will be enemy of Satan, to whom they have yielded. She will be the Mother of a Son who will vanquish the devil.

Aware of this promise, the early Christians, guided by the Holy Spirit, instituted that Mary, the enemy of Satan, had never been subject to him by any stain of sin. They therefore gave Mary the name the ancient name " The all-Holy One".

Lourdes and the Immaculate Conception

In 1858, four years after the definition of the Dogma of the Immaculate Conception, Mary as it was placed her stamp of approval on it by appearing to 13-year old girl unlettered child of France, St. Bernadette Soubirous, telling her: "Que soy Immaculada Conception" or "I am the Immaculate Conception"

The Child had never heard that expression and was completely unaware of what it meant, Nonetheless, by her life and work, she made it possible for the whole world to know the immaculate conception in the future. Out of the seven appearance to the saint grew the world famous shrine of Lourdes a paean of praise to the Virgin Mary. It would be safe to say that Lourdes is the best-known shrine of Mary drawing million of pilgrim annualy.

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