Sunday, August 29, 2010

Day 3: Mary Seat of Wisdom

9 Day Reflections in Preparation for the feast of the Birth of the Blessed Virgin Mary (August 30- September 08,2010)

Mary Seat of Wisdom

Mary is the seat of wisdom in a twofold sense: the carnal-biological sense, because she carried in her womb the son of God, who is wisdom incarnate, and the ethical-spiritual sense, because she always embraced the word of God, making it the object of a loving contemplation in her heart and seeking to penetrate its content little by little, especially in its obscure aspects.

Thus, in accord with the teachings of Christ himself, Mary’s beatitude does not consist primarily in bringing forth Jesus according to to the flesh but having faith in the word of the Lord. This is also vocation of the church and all her members. We are all called to listen to and penetrate the meaning of scriptures. Our constant task is to apply the scriptures to the signs of our times and the circumstances in which we live and act especially when storm arise and all seems lost.

We must judge every event whether it concerns the great story of the church and the world or the little story of each believer, in the light of prophetic word of Jesus:

I am always with you” (Mt. 28:20)

I have told you these things before they come to pass so that when the hour has come you may remember that i have spoken to you. And thus you may believe” (John 14:23)

Thanks to this openness to the wise word of Christ every follower of his become (like Mary) the seat of divine presence ”If anyone loves me he will keep my word, and my father will love him, and we will come to him and make abode with him” (Jn.14:23). Mary is the Throne of wisdom, the source of wisdom, the shrine of wisdom and the sanctuary of wisdom accordingly as Pope Leo XIII said in his 1892 Encyclical “Magnae Dei Matris” (Great Mother of God), she knows us and our needs perfectly.

“Nobody knows and comprehend so well as she everything that concerns us :what dangers public and private, threaten our welfare, what difficulties and evils surrounds us; above all how fierce the flight we wage with the ruthless enemies of our salvation”

We should have frequent recourse to this Marian wisdom to grow on wisdom ourselves and to obtain help and consolation on our earthly pilgrimage to the eternal wisdom in heaven.

Day 3

Hail, lovely and holy child, spiritual garden of delight, where on the day of the incarnation, the tree of life was planted, assist me to avoid the poisonous fruit of vanity and the pleasure of of the world. Help me to fuse into my soul the thoughts feelings and virtues of your divine son. Amen

Hail Mary…

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