Sunday, August 29, 2010

Novena In Honor of Maria Bambina Day 7

Day 7:Mary, Queen of all Hearts

9 Day Reflections in Preparation for the feast of the Birth of the Blessed Virgin Mary (August 30- September 08,2010)

Mary’s royal power does not free us from from the obligation to cooperate with God’s grace. Her royal power is used to convert both sinners and those who have never known the faith. But they must cooperate with grace. Saint Paul says “We beg you not to offer God’s grace an ineffectual welcome” (2 Cor.6:11).

Thus we mus strive to be united with our heavenly mother with our whole heart and soul. Then she will use all the resources of her power and goodness on our behalf. She will reign completely in our hearts in order to establish the reign of her divine son. As St. Louis de Monfort indicated “It was through the blessed virgin Mary that Jesus came into the world, and it is also through her that she must reign in the world.” Indeed, the saint longed for the day when Mary will be established as “Queen of all Hearts in an actual fact , for he knew that then the kingdom of God will be established everywhere on earth as well in heaven.

When will that day come, when God’s mother is enthroned in people’s hearts as queen. subjecting them to the dominion of her great princely son?

When will souls breath Mary as the body breathes air?

When that time comes wonderful things will happen on earth. The holy spirit finding his dear spouse present again in souls, will come into them with great power. He will fill them with gifts especially wisdom, by which they will produce wonders of grace.

“Lord, that your kingdom may come, may the reign of Mary come.”

It is then the task of all of us to let Mary reign in our hearts, so that that we maybe perfect children of God. “Be Perfect as your father in heaven is perfect” (Mt.5:48). Under her maternal regency we enjoy the freedom of the children of God. Freedom from sin, freedom to love God and to serve him.

We are then in incomparably greater security than we could possibly be under our own direction. It is in Mary that we find Jesus. In her, we find all graces of the way and the truth, for she is our Mother and the queen of all hearts.

The Queen par Excellence!

Day 7

O holy child, by the privileges granted to you alone and by the merits which you have acquired, show that the source of spiritual favors and the continuous benefits which you dispense are inexhaustible, because of your power with the heart of God is unlimited. Amen

Hail Mary…

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